Themed Party/Shower Invitation

Around the Clock Shower Invitation Wording
The wedding is on the way
Let’s get them prepared for their big day!
An around the clock
Bridal Shower
for the couple-to-be
Brooke and Bradley
Saturday, July 16th
at 7:00 p.m.
717 Montrose Place
Please by a gift appropriate for the 3:00 p.m. hour.

Hosted by
Julie Jones and Heather McNamara

It’s time for the crew to mix and mingle
These are Stacy’s last days of being single

Time is ticking and bells will soon chime
Don’t you think this is the perfect time?

Join us for an
Around the Clock Shower

“It’s time” for an
Around the Clock Shower and Brunch

The time has come for good friends to gather
in honor of the bride-to-be
We’ll shower her with gifts and tips
before she marries her dear hubby

Tic Toc, Tic Toc
Their love goes ‘round the clock
Your gift for the shower
Should be something right for the hour
We have written it here for you to see
So be creative for the bride and groom-to-be

Room-to-Room (aka “Around the House”) Shower Invitation Wording
Before Angie says “I do” to the groom,
Let’s help her decorate room by room

Join us for an
Around the House Shower

Before Amy and Travis
head down the aisle,
Let’s help them set up their home in style
Please join us for an
Around the House Shower

Linens, Pillows, Pots and Pans
Rakes, Tools and Garbage Cans
Everything a couple needs
Let’s get them started with all of these
Around the House Shower
Jana and Phillip

Stock-the-Bar Party Invitation Wording
Trina and Mark have finally set a date
Now it’s time to celebrate!
Help us stock their bar
Bring your favorite wine or cigar

Megan and Jared’s wedding is not too far…
So let’s get together and Stock their Bar!

He loves beer and she loves wine,
but Brianna also loves barware so fine!
So bring some bar tools, or even beer
As we wish them a lifetime of happiness & cheer

Susan and Paul are getting hitched and the time is drawing near.
Come join us as we stock their bar poolside with burgers and beer!

Basket Shower Invitation Wording
Meredith’s bid day is almost here!
Let’s fill up some baskets sure to bring her great cheer.
We’ve assigned you a theme as you’ll see down below.
Have fun as you shop — ready, set, go!

Ornament Shower Invitation Wording
This Christmas will be the first for the new Mr. and Mrs.
Let’s decorate their tree and make true all their wishes!
Please join us for an
Ornament Shower and Dinner
in honor of
Chris and Christina
Friday, December 8th
7:00 p.m.

Lingerie Shower Invitation Wording
Something sweet, something silly,
Something sexy, something frilly!
Join us for a
Lingerie Shower
in honor of
Jenna Chapman

Handyman/Honey Do/Tool & Garden Party Invitation Wording
Honey can you do that?  Honey can you do this?
Let’s give him all the tools he’ll need to have wedding bliss!
Please join us for a
Handyman Shower
Jim Chapman

He’s a fixer-upper and she can do most anything
You know they’ll love hammers and wrenches, and all those kinds of things!
You are invited to a
Tool and Garden Party
in honor of
Carmen and Joseph

Come tool around
at a
Grill and Gadget Shower

He prefers saws and tools that have power
While she likes to garden for hours and hours

Soon their days of free time and rest
Will be replaced with “Honey-Do” requests!

Join us for a
Honey-Do Shower

It’s a Grill and Gadget Shower
Sally and Kevin

Hammers and saws and drills that have power,
Please join us for a Tool Shower!

Can you believe Denise is all grown?
She even wants to mow the grass on her own.

Join us for a
Lawn and Garden Party